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B.TQC P. TQC Den's A4
Last Updated 08/01/07
Story by Jeff Redig

Here's links to his runs:
Run 1 Run 2
This was my first trip to the drap strip in a car. Saturday was import day at Rock Falls Raceway in Wisconsin. Friday night i went to get race gas and on the way home, my michelin man hose blew a hole in itself. I wasn't ever able to get above 14psi at the track. Spent a large part of the night trying to fix it, but just wasn't able to so i went anyways with a large boost leak. Normally i've been pushing 22psi with out trouble. I did about 12 passes between time trials and bracket racing. My first pass was a 14.5 @ 93mph. I was royally sleeping on the line. Kinda sat there and said, oh the light is green i guess i can go. That was the only round i lost due to crappy driving. It was against a wrx that ran a 14.3 and i was catching up at the end. My best ended up being a 14.07 @ 96 and i know i can do better. the car felf way down on power all day. But hey that gives me incentive to go back! Only problem is on the way home my wastegate diaphragm tore kinda bad so now i have no boost control and a really loud whistle out of my leaky hose! In the brackets in the afternoon, i picked the 14.0 bracket and consistenly ran 14.0- somethings...there wasn't a race that was even close. There were about 65 cars in my bracket and i beat them all out!!!!!!!!!!! I had the only old audi there, there were some newer a4's but they were 15.8+ cars. Everybody liked my launches, big crowds came to watch them. Four wheel smoke does that i guess! First launch a buddy in the stands said i was getting laughed at...until i launched and then i got some appluase!