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B.TQC P. TQC Den's A4
Last Updated 08/01/07
Parts Pro Import War at New England Dragway

Even with everything against us, this was one of the funniest events!

As of Friday morning there was no plan to be able to make the event. Friday evening Den calls "Since I can't make it, go ahead and race the wagon tomorrow at the Parts Pro Import War. But be warned the shifters messed up!" He wasn't kidding come to find out the left/right leverage arm was torn clean off the linkage making 1st, 2nd, 5th and reverse nearly impossible. Second problem: I didn't plan on the event and hadn't banked for either, so this means I had to run 93 :o( instead of the usual race fuel. And of course by the time I got to the track, temp was 94 degrees!!

First time trail of the day. (Heads up race) Boost set at 18psi. Clean pass car ran flawless 13.5@102.6 beating a very nice Lexus IS300. (Note: I made one small error, I didn't leave with enough revs and the 60ft suffered (1.94) 4.18mb
Last time trail: Well everything went well at 18 psi on pump gas so up it goes to 19.8psi. Set my own best 60ft (1.73) but wasn't able to hit second requiring three attempts while bouncing rev limiter. Distraught I hit rev limiter in second and third gear too. 5.34mb
First bracket race: Boost turned up to 21.8. Another good 60ft followed by missing second gear. Except I hit fourth way earlier than usual. As the tach swept past 6K (108mph) I missed 5th and coasted maybe 10-15ft?? running 13.6@103.5!!!!!!!!!(I think she'd of run 110mph) 5.16mb
2nd bracket race: I'm late getting to my lane (5 min. to find 1st gear) Last pass fourth gear pulled sick!! So up goes the boost to 23.6psi. While in the lanes an 8 sec. import hits the wall. As I'm looking around waiting I notice Al from XXTuning. 4.24mb
So I chat with Al from XXTuning while waiting. His Supra's sick!! 710 WHP, I never even noticed he was in the street class until he mentioned huge traction problems with his street tires. When the racing starts again I flag 6 cars past me. When we get in the main staging area I notice I'm racing a wide body S2000 now sure beating it would have made a good vid but Al's Supra is right behind him. So I ask an official to line me up with the supra "TOO LATE!" ya right I flagged the guy behind me by, LOL. At the same time Al's trying to get his dial in changed so he doesn't have to give up 9 tenths of second, he successfully backs off the main lane but can't find a paint marker HAHA nice try Al. As I stage with Al I passed my mark and go into deep stage, I can't chance backing up since first is so hard to find. I'm just praying I hit second gear.
My light and 60ft sucked but it didn't matter because I caught second and I'm in fourth just after the 8th!! But the motor starts to break up, I quickly turn the boost down but it's too late. (2 of the 5 plugs were damaged) who cares anyways I'm winning!! Yeah right with about 10ft left of the 1320 Al's Supra screams past me like I'm standing still!!! In the end 13.3@99 to Al's 12.4@125 Supra wins by 0.16 seconds. 3.72mb
XX Tuning also had another Supra racing too. 3.73mb
Bumped into VWVortex member DriversWnted aka VWVIXEN, caught her first pass 16.2. She later scrub a half sec off in her VR6 Jetta. 4.74mb